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Featured Classes
SharePoint 2013--Introduction
Want to gain a better understanding of SharePoint 2013? Want to know how SharePoint is used in organizations? Want to know how to use it in your organization? This course is designed with the beginner in mind. Learn how to navigate, create lists and tasks, manage libraries, announcements, calendars, and more. Find out how SharePoint 2013 helps you and your organization increase the efficiency of business processes. 10 sessions @ 2 hrs each.
Basic Budgeting
Become more financially astute. Prepare a simple budget and review debt and financial management techniques. Create and use a personal/household budget. Wisely manage credit and debit cards, mortgage and auto payments, and personal debt. Fund a savings plan. Share and learn about financial roadblocks. Take charge of your financial situation today! 3 sessions @ 2.5 hrs each.
Introduction to Programming
Learn basic concepts and problem solving techniques used in most programming languages. Topics covered include: operators, boolean logic, memory and variables, control flow, data structures and objects. Students will learn how to write simple algorithms in pseudocode, a high level non-technical language. Lead-in course for Java 1. Must know basic math and computer skills. 6 sessions @ 3 hrs each.

Focus on Health and Medical
Nutrition and GI Disorders
In this course, students are introduced to some of the nutrition concerns encountered with commonly diagnosed disorders such as Crohn disease, IBS, Colitis, and Celiac Disease. Taught by a nutritionist. 1 session @ 2 hrs.
Care for A Loved One at Home
Learn how to care for a family member at home. Good for companion care givers. Hands-on practice to bathe, feed, turn, move, and provide general physical and emotional care. Taught by nurse-educator. Call 703-658-2727 for details. 3 sessions @ 2.5 hrs each.
Administrative Medical Office Procedures
Comprehensive course teaches front office skills including: appointments, records, health insurance, scheduling, and HIPAA. Stay current with new office practices in an evolving medical industry! Practice on medical office software programs commonly used in medical offices. 14 sessions @ 2.5 hrs each.

Explore for Yourself
Share Your Story! Writing Your Memoirs
Whether you hope to capture your life’s meaningful moments for family, publication, or personal satisfaction, this class will help you get started. We will talk about how to compose your storytelling and offer some insights into what makes for memorable reading. We will discuss the difference between writing a memoir and writing an autobiography. Classes are highly interactive, with some time spent reading and critiquing each other’s work. Sharing of written work is optional. We will also touch on publication options and some of the rules you need to know and understand regarding publication of your written works. 4 sessions @ 2 hrs each.
What Might Have Been! A Historical Perspective
Calling all history buffs and would-be writers. This fun class combines elements of history with discussions and creative writing. Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if Lincoln wasn't assassinated as the Civil War ended? If President Truman elected not to drop the atomic bombs on Japan? Or what would have occurred if Attila had actually married into the Roman Imperial Family? If so, this is the course for you. Students will be assigned a particular event in world history. After learning what actually happened, students will then prepare a paper and presentation based on the ramifications if something else had transpired. Their alternate scenario will be shared with the class and a lively discussion will follow. Students will learn how decisions from the past impact their lifetimes and the world in which we live, as well as use their imaginations in understanding cause and effect. Please note: The format of this class will include research, writing and discussion. Writing assignments will take place in class as we as possible at-home assignments. 4 sessions @ 2.5 hrs each.
Harvest Centerpiece
Use a mixture of fruit, flowers, dried, and other fall materials to create a centerpiece for your holiday table or buffet. Bring floral shears, wire cutters, and scissors to class. 1 session @ 3 hrs.


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