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Featured Classes
Adobe Illustrator Workshop - The Basics
Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator in this introductory workshop. Become familiar with the user interface, tools and panels. Students will create a logo and a simple vector illustration. 2 sessions @ 3 hrs each.
Advanced Linux Administration I
This hands-on course is an advanced treatment of Linux Administration. It covers the major topics in the Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam (RHCSA EX200). Red Hat 7.2 Linux is the current version discussed. The labs will use CentOS 7.2 Linux and VMware Workstation 12 Player. Topics covered include preparing for certification, virtual machines and automated installations, fundamental command-line skills, RHCSA-level security options, the boot process, Linux file system administration, package management, user administration, and RHCSA-level system administration tasks. 6 sessions @ 3 hrs each. Prereq: CT01659 and CT01660 or equivalent knowledge/experience.
Prepare for the Network+ exam under the expert guidance of a seasoned professional. With lecture, demonstration, and one session with hands-on practice, you will learn everything you need to know about networks and networking, design essentials, networking media, functions of network protocols, Ethernet, Token Ring, and WAN technologies. Purchase textbook separately. 11 sessions @ 3 hrs each.

Focus on Health and Medical
Physical Therapy Aide
Learn theory and skills for entry-level position in physical therapy clinics, centers, and hospitals. Includes preparation of treatment area, ordering supplies, and patient transport. 8 sessions @ 5 hours. BOOKS: Students should purchase Physical Therapy Assistant, Worktext by Weiss (2nd Edition preferred) and The Anatomy Coloring Book by Kapit & Elson (2nd Edition preferred) prior to first day of class. No tuition waivers.
Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Exam Prep
Reviews skills needed for CNA licensure exam. Includes 8 hours of review and 8 hours of skills testing. Must have completed a Virginia approved CNA program. 2 sessions @ 8 hrs each.
Veterinary Assistant Program--Part I
Interested in or already working in a small-animal veterinary office? Learn basic terminology, body systems, common diseases, and lab procedures along with basic animal nursing. Because you will be working with both people and animals, you must possess good people skills and a love of animals. Off-site observation at two animal hospitals to view a variety of responsibilities for vet assistants. 13 sessions @ 4 hrs each.

Explore for Yourself
What Might Have Been! A Historical Perspective
Calling all history buffs and would-be writers. This fun class combines elements of history with discussions and creative writing. Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if Lincoln wasn't assassinated as the Civil War ended? If President Truman elected not to drop the atomic bombs on Japan? Or what would have occurred if Attila had actually married into the Roman Imperial Family? If so, this is the course for you. Students will be assigned a particular event in world history. After learning what actually happened, students will then prepare a paper and presentation based on the ramifications if something else had transpired. Their alternate scenario will be shared with the class and a lively discussion will follow. Students will learn how decisions from the past impact their lifetimes and the world in which we live, as well as use their imaginations in understanding cause and effect. Please note: The format of this class will include research, writing and discussion. Writing assignments will take place in class as we as possible at-home assignments. 4 sessions @ 2.5 hrs each.
An Introduction to Middle Eastern Cooking
Ready to take the plunge into Middle Eastern cooking? If so, this class will get you started. We will create some representative dishes of the region that are both tasty and easy to prepare from readily available ingredients. A new world of culinary delights awaits you. 1 session @ 3 hrs.
Writing Treasured Stories and Memories
If you have ever been tempted to write stories about your experiences, this class is for you. Imagine the satisfaction of sharing your stories and traditions with future generations or simply reflecting on past experiences. Whether you want to write a few simple short stories, or document enough of your personal history to fill a book, this class can help you get started. We will go through a process that will help you identify memories you might want to share and techniques that can be used to generate the details of your stories. Additional discussion will focus on options to enhance stories with your personal interests or talents (e.g., adding photos, drawings, music, or fictional characters) and how to present stories in different formats (e.g., poem, lyrics, art, narrated slide show, blog). Students will be encouraged to share their writing with the class. 3 sessions @ 2 hours each


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