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Adult and Community
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About Us

About ACE

Adult and Community Education is headquartered in FallsChurch, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. We offer a wide variety ofcourses, certificate programs, and career training to adults and children.Established in 1955 by action of the Fairfax CountyPublic School (FCPS) School Board, ACE began with 108 students. ACE nowproudly serves over 24,000 students and is one of the largest adult education,non-collegiate institutions in the nation. Most classes are supported by userfees and grants and are not funded from the school system’s operating budget.

The ACE missionwithin FCPS is to provide lifelong literacy and educational opportunities forresidents of all ages through implementation of best academic and businesspractices.

We strive toprovide you access to programs that are high quality, affordable, andenjoyable. We have something for everyone and are a key part of what makesFairfax County a vital, vibrant community. Enjoy the company of like-mindedindividuals as you learn a new skill, prepare for a new adventure in life, orsimply add some genuine satisfaction to your day. Come experience new friendsand a sense of community with us.

ACE Weather and Emergency Information

When inclement weather or other emergency situationsrequire closure of FCPS schools, ACE classes are moved to virtual meetings orcancelled.  ACE students should check their email for communications fromACE staff and ACE instructors on class meetings.

When FCPS classes are delayed, ACE adult classes willbegin on time.