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H/M Career Exploration Classes:
HM01001Health Medical 101
HM05029Home Health Aide - Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05040Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05107Certificate in Complimentary and Integrative Health, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05110Certificate in Gerontology, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05111Certificate in Global Healing Systems, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05112Certificate in Healing Environments for Body, Mind, and Spirit, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05113Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05114Certificate in Infectious Diseases and Infection Control, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05116Certificate in Meditation, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05123Certificate in Women's Health Issues, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05125Enhancing Language Development in Childhood, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05126Human Anatomy and Physiology, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05127Human Anatomy and Physiology II, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05128Introduction to Chemistry, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05129Introduction to Natural Health and Healing, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05130Introduction to the Medical Laboratory, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05131Legal Nurse Consultant Program - Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05132Medical Terminology II: A Focus on Human Disease, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05133Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
HM05134Veterinary Medical Terminology, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
SM07577Explore a Career as a Clinical Medical Assistant, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
SM07579Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
SM07580Explore a Career in Nursing, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
SM07581Explore a Career in Medical Coding, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
SM07583Explore a Career in Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)
SM07584Explore a Career in Medical Writing, Self-Paced (Online Anytime)