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Featured Events
Confident Public Speaking
Whether speaking to a small group or a filled auditorium, this class provides the requisite tools needed to deliver a message clearly and with confidence. Learn ways to overcome nervousness; have a technique for preparing messages that are meaningful for the audience; get tips for creating impactful visuals that support the message; and manage questions and answers. The course provides opportunities to practice both off-the-cuff and planned presentations. 4 sessions @ 2 hrs each.
Tax Strategies for the One-Person Business and Small Corporations
One-person businesses and small corporations frequently pay too much in taxes and do not know it! Explore the tax laws, unknown to you and/or your tax return preparer, which favor the smallest of businesses, such as sole proprietorships, LLCs, S Corporations, and C Corporations. Save your money. Taught by a CPA with a masters degree in taxation. 2 sessions @ 3 hrs each.
Introduction to Programming Using Python
Learn the basics of programming using Python computer language. Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language. Learn the semantics of the Python language and basic concepts required for developing computer programs. Define problem to be solved, use flowcharts to represent an algorithm, work flow or process, learn syntax of the Python language, using variables, statements, strings and data structures. By the end of the course you will be able to write complete non-graphical programs. OS independent. Good foundation for learning C++ and Java. 8 sessions @ 2 hrs each.

Focus on Health and Medical
Medical Terminology With Anatomy--Part 1
Learn anatomy, physiology, and terminology of body systems to build medical vocabulary. Good overview of the human body and related terms form an excellent foundation for anyone entering the medical professions or just interested in learning more about the body. Advanced English skills recommended. 10 sessions @ 2.5 hrs each.
EKG Interpretation
In this course, students study the indications for performing an EKG, interpretation of rate, intervals, and rhythms of EKGs, and how to perform an EKG. Special considerations and pertinent topics in cardiology will also be discussed. This class is a required part of the Medical Assistant certificate program. If you are pursuing the medical certificate, you must be registered as a medical certificate student. For more information on the medical certificate program, call 703-506-2281. This class will also prepare the student to sit for the EKG Technician national credentialing exam. Instructional Methods: This course utilizes classroom lecture, EKG skills practice and demonstration, and written testing. Course Objectives: After completing this class, the student will be able to 1) identify indications for performing electrocardiography 2) measure heart rate and cardiac cycle intervals 3) identify atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, especially those which require immediate medical attention 4) discuss additional cardiology testing including, but not limited to, Holter monitoring and stress testing 5) perform an EKG 6) have confidence in answering the heart rhythm questions asked in the licensing exam.
Clinical Medical Office Procedures--Part 2
More complex skills for medical assistant: administration of medications, venipuncture, EKGs, and basic lab procedures. May take before Part 1. (Same textbook as Part 1) 11 sessions @ 2.5 hrs each.

Explore for Yourself
French Film Classics
Two masterpieces, "Jean de Florette" and "Manon of the Spring", timeless tales of greed, survival and fate, lead World Cinema film classics. Roger Ebert says that "Diva", a film of madness, comedy, romance, opera, and murder, is electrifying! Francois Truffauts' "The 400 Blows" sensitively re-creates the trials of his own difficult childhood, and "Jules and Jim" with Jeanne Moreau and Oskar Werner is his New Wave masterpiece. Roberto Rossellini's "The Taking of Power by Louis XIV", and twenty stories of love from the city of love, "Paris, Je T'Aime, will also be featured. No discounts or waivers. 5 sessions @ 3 hrs each.
Easter Basket of Flowers
Use coordinating spring ribbons to turn an ordinary basket into a classic Easter basket. Several styles of ribbon and assorted flowers will be used to create a basket anyone will be happy to receive. Bring small clippers, wire cutters, and scissors to class. 1 session @ 3 hrs.
Recording and Producing Music at Home
Are you a musician who has dreamed of recording your music to share and publish? Modern home-recording equipment is accessible and affordable, meaning that the only thing between you and your musical goals is the knowledge of what goes into making a great track! This class will provide instruction and hands-on experience writing, recording, and producing your own original music. Topics covered will include songwriting/composing, recording and mixing techniques, and equipment overviews. Students will need a laptop to run audio software on. 8 sessions @ 2 hrs each.


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