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Featured Events
Leading for Maximum Results
The role of the leader is changing. This course increases awareness and builds leadership competencies so you can lead and manage others to produce maximum results. The class is highly interactive with experiential activities that include skill practices using real-life workplace case studies and facilitated group discussions. Topics include communication, motivation, performance management, conflict management, and managing change. You'll complete a self-assessment to understand how your leadership, personality, and communication styles impact the workplace performance of others. 3 sessions @ 2.5 hrs each.
Confident Public Speaking
Whether speaking to a small group or a filled auditorium, this class provides the requisite tools needed to deliver a message clearly and with confidence. Learn ways to overcome nervousness; have a technique for preparing messages that are meaningful for the audience; get tips for creating impactful visuals that support the message; and manage questions and answers. The course provides opportunities to practice both off-the-cuff and planned presentations. 4 sessions @ 2 hrs each.
InDesign Workshop 101: Introduction
Learn the basics of Adobe InDesign in this two-day workshop. Become familiar with the user interface, tools and panels. Students will create a business card, flyer, and newsletter. 2 sessions @ 3 hrs each.

Focus on Health and Medical
Basic Life Support
American Heart Association class designed for healthcare professional certification. Includes adult, child, and infant one-rescuer CPR, two-rescuer CPR, bag-mask skills, choking, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Must be on time. Book required. Recommend book be picked up prior to class - call 703 658-1293/1244 for questions. Written test is open resource so be sure to bring your book to class! 1 session @ 5 hrs.
Introduction to Essential Oils: What are They and How They Work
Increase your understanding of some of the more commonly used essential oils and their purposes. Lemon, Oregano, Peppermint, Lavender, and Frankincense all have unique properties and uses. Learn about these and more! 1 session @ 2 hrs.
Introduction to Pet CPR
Your pet is unconscious, you are frantic to help, but what do you do? You can't call 911. Let us teach you the guidelines for determining when a pet needs CPR and the basic steps to resuscitation. The variations between cats and dogs is included. No previous veterinary experience required. 1 session @ 3 hrs.

Explore for Yourself
Cooking Basics for Young Adults
Tired of microwave and takeout meals? OK, it is time learn some basic cooking skills and discover the joys of cooking for yourself and your friends. Following a systematic approach to meal preparation, students prepare a 3 course meal in each section while honing their knife and time management skills. 3 session @ 3 hrs each.
Getting Ready to Retire
10,000 Americans retire every day. Although you may have the financial means to retire, have you planned for the personal changes that retirement will bring? Getting Ready to Retire provides concrete suggestions, exercises, and discussions that help participants explore the important but overlooked non-financial challenges and opportunities of retirement, and make a happy and fulfilling transition. Topics covered include transition planning, daily activities, budgeting, health, and housing challenges. 1 session @ 4 hrs.
Healthy and Delicious Thai Food
Enjoy preparing popular dishes such as Thai chicken coconut soup (Thom Kha Kai), panang curry with jasmine rice, drunken noodles, and tapioca dessert. Please bring container for leftovers. 1 session @ 3 hrs.


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