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Featured Events
Introduction to Marketing
Ever wondered how marketing works? Explore the what, where, when, how, and why of marketing a product, service, or idea. Great overview class for individuals owning a small business or those interested in marketing and/or the Marketing Certificate Program! 2 sessions @ 2.5 hrs each.
Comprehensive Tax Preparation 1
Interested in earning money as a tax professional and/or saving money by preparing your own return? Course covers simple individual tax forms, including 1040EZ, 1040A, and basic 1040 returns. Those preparing taxes for others can use course to sit for pending IRS exams and ACAT certification. No discounts or refunds. 10 sessions @ 3 hrs each.
Web Design with Cascading Style Sheets 1
Tired of the usual HTML defaults? You already know the basics of coding; now you want to know how to tweak the look of the page with color, spacing, fonts, link interactions, and other enhancements. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will do that! CSS is an easy-to-learn language that builds upon your knowledge of HTML and enables the creation of easily maintainable websites. Purchase textbook separately, ISBN 1118008189. 3 sessions @ 3 hrs each.

Focus on Health and Medical
Nutrition and Weight Management
Focus on the various components of weight management and strategies for a healthier lifestyle. Topics include an examination of nutrition fundamentals, the impact of physical activity on weight management, and analysis of various weight loss programs. The physiological, sociological, and psychological aspects of weight management will be addressed. Students will complete a lifestyle and nutritional analysis, develop nutritionally sound dietary plans, and discuss and create an exercise program tailored to address their personalized weight management goals. 6 sessions @ 2 hrs each.
Veterinary Terminology and Anatomy
Basic terms used in animal hospitals amongst veterinary assistants, technicians, and doctors. Wonderful introduction into the veterinary medical field. No prerequisites. 7 sessions @ 3 hrs each, plus one session @ 1 hrs.
Dental Assistant Comprehensive
Prepares students to enter dental profession as a chairside assistant. Learn anatomy, terminology, radiology, clinical skills, and job responsibilities. Clinical skills practiced in dental lab. Fluency in English required. Must bring documentation of current TB test and Hepatitis B vaccine to the first class. No tuition waivers. Tuition installment plan available by calling 703-658-2709. 15 sessions @ 6 hrs each.

Explore for Yourself
French Desserts
Learn to make your favorite French desserts: chocolate mousse, crème brulee, crème caramel, clafoutis. 2 sessions @ 3 hrs each.
Creative Fiction on Your Fingertips
In the Creative Fiction course, students will learn how to approach fictional story writing. They will be given examples of different forms of narration and writing, as well as dialogue writing and characterization skills. Students will be provided at least thirty minutes to an hour at the most every class to work on their stories and engage in peer editing, as well as one on one help with the instructor. 4 sessions @ 2.5 hours each.
How to Become a YouTube Star
This class will discuss and give hands-on experience on how you can create and upload videos to YouTube, and it will include a discussion of how you can earn money on YouTube. Think you can make a viral video? Do you have an idea for skills that you want to teach on YouTube? This class will explain how to make the best video you can, "monetize" it on YouTube and ways to promote your YouTube "channel." The course will also cover camera and audio techniques, editing, copyrighted music, and the ins and outs of YouTube's online video system. Please note: A student should only enroll if they have a laptop/portable device on which editing software is installed such as Apple iMovie and Windows Movie Maker (free to install) that they can bring to class. 8 sessions @ 2 hrs each.


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