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Frequently Asked Questions



When is the best time to enroll?
When you first inquire about a class by phone, receive our ACE Classes catalog, or view it online is the best time to enroll. If a seat is available, your payment reserves your place in the class.

Who may enroll?
Any adult over age 18 may attend our classes. You do not need to be a resident of Fairfax County and no additional fees are collected for out-of-county students.

Do you offer classes for children/youth?
Yes, classes for kids and teens, such as driver education (Behind-the-Wheel), SAT/PSAT preparation, TJ Admissions Test Prep, after-school enrichment, summer camps and world language instruction are available for students under the age of 18. FCPS students may register online for most of these classes.

Why is some class information online different than in ACE Classes catalog?
Information posted online is the most current and includes any updates since the catalog was printed.

How do I register for ACE classes?
ACE offers six convenient ways to register.

Do you have a TTY number?
Yes, 703-658-1266.

Are ADA accommodations available?
Yes. ACE is committed to non-discrimination in our programs, services, and activities. Please contact the Student Services office at least two weeks in advance: by phone (703-658-2709) or e-mail ( Read more about accommodations for students.

My employer will pay for my tuition. What do I need to provide with my registration so that you can bill my employer?
We will honor an “authorization to bill” letter at the time of registration by mail, fax, or in person, which must come from your employer and be on company letterhead. Please be sure that your employer includes contact information for the person who will be authorizing the payment.

If I want to pay by check, can I still use the shopping cart feature?
Yes. You can add courses to your shopping cart then choose the “Print Registration” button. This creates a ready-to-print registration form with your courses already entered. Include your payment with form and send to: FCPS-ACE, Dept. A, 6815 Edsall Road, Springfield, VA  22151

Do I have to buy a textbook?
Unless the book is marked “optional,” the text is required for class. In some instances, such as language classes, the same text is used for several different class levels.

Where can I get the textbook?
Payment for textbooks is required when you register; textbooks will be delivered at the first class meeting. 

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration before class begins?
Individuals registering online receive a registration confirmation immediately. Individuals choosing other registration methods will not receive confirmation unless specifically requested.

Can I buy a class for someone else?
Gift certificates in $20 and $50 amounts are available for purchase at Plum Center. You may also register a family member online by using the “Add a Member” option at the class screen.

The class I want started yesterday. Can I register online?
No. However, in some instances you may be able to register for a class after the start date. This requires permission from a program specialist. Please call a customer service representative at 703-658-1201 for additional information or call the appropriate program specialist.

What forms of payment do you accept?
To take advantage of online registration, you must pay with a Visa or MasterCard. You can enroll in a class by mail with a check or credit card, or in person with a check, cash, or credit card. 

Can I register for class on the first day?
If registering on the first day of a class, call the Plum Center at 703-658-1201 to check on available space and the status of the class in case the class is full or the start date changed. You may register on the first day of class using the online registration system as well if space is available. You may not register with the instructor on the first night of class.

As a senior adult, do I get a discount?
See information on Over 62? 


How do I find out about school closings and cancellations?
Visit the emergency announcements for information on school closings and cancellations.

How do I know in which level language class to enroll?
Your experience with a language determines the best class for you. 

How do I know which level of a class to take?
The course description gives the prerequisites for each level of multi-level courses. If you are not sure if your background matches the prerequisites, contact the program specialist for your subject area.

Where can I find directions to my class?
Class location addresses are found in our catalog, ACE Classes, and on the online registration site. Click on “Location” for a map and driving directions. You can also visit the FCPS Schools and Centers Directory for FCPS school locations.

If I take a computer class, will I have a computer to use in the class?
Yes. Please register early for computer classes as the number of students in a class is limited to the number of computers in the classroom.

When and why are classes canceled?
Classes require a minimum number of students. If the class minimum is not reached by the pre-registration deadline, the class will be canceled and full refunds given. You will be notified by phone (or email) using the contact information you have provided. If a class is canceled due to weather, the class is automatically rescheduled for one week later at the same time and place unless someone from ACE notifies you otherwise. If you are attending a class with several sessions, attend your next scheduled class meeting.