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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to travel somewhere to attend a class?

ACE has a variety of classes that meet 100% of the time in-person within Fairfax County or are held 100% of the time online, so you could take a class from your home provided you have access to the internet.  We also offer blended or hybrid classes, which are a combination of online sessions and in-person sessions within the same class.    For any class with an online component, either those classes that meet 100% online, or those that meet only some of the time online, a link to access the class will be provided.

ACE also offers self-paced online classes that are held 100% online, and do not have a set start and end day or time of day.  For these classes, you will receive an email within 2-4 business days after you register that will provide access to the course content.  The link provided in the email grants access to the class content allowing you to study at your own pace.  The link for these self-paced classes expire after a specific period, which is typically 2-6 months after initially receiving the link.

Do you offer classes for children/youth?

Yes, classes for kids and teens, such as Driver Education Classes, SAT/ACT Preparation Classes, and summer enrichment camps are available for students under the age of 18.  Registration for these classes is available online. 

Please note that these registrations require that the parent/guardian provide a completed emergency contact form to be held onsite for any in-person classes. 

Can children take classes other than Driver Education and K-12 offerings?

Most of our programs are designed for adults 18 years and older, unless otherwise specified.  In some instances, exceptions may be approved.  Please email for information about an underage waiver.  Requests require two weeks advance notice.

Why is the ACE material mailed to my home no longer showing details on each class offered?

ACE continuously develops new class offerings, and as such the printed catalog lists available classes at the time of publication.   The ACE brochure, which highlights course offerings, is mailed to Fairfax County residents multiple times a year.  We encourage you to go to the ACE website often to see everything that is offered.  Class information posted online is the most current information on all our class offerings. 

Are Americans with Disabilities Accommodations (ADA) available?

Yes.  ACE is committed to non-discrimination in our programs, services, and activities.  Please contact the Student Services office at least two weeks in advance.  Please read more about accommodations for students.  ACE will make every attempt to provide reasonable accommodations; however, failure to request an accommodation within the specified time frame may limit our ability to fulfill this request.

Summer Learning has alternative options to support ADA accommodations.  Please send an email with your request to

My contact information has changed.  What should I do?

You can log into our online registration system to update your contact information, or you can call our Registration Office at 703-658-1201, Monday-Friday from 9am-noon, and 1pm-5pm.

Can I see a history of all my classes using the online system?

It depends on how you registered for a class.  If you registered online, then you can see all the classes for which you registered.  If you registered over the phone, in-person, via a mailed in registration, or your FCPS school registered you, then you cannot see a complete history online. 

What are the policies surrounding COVID?

For all classes being offered, we comply with the FCPS policies and procedures around COVID mitigation and strategies.  For specifics on this please click here.  For questions on withdrawing from a class due to COVID related illness, please refer to our withdrawal and refund policies.  Please note that Summer Learning has its own withdrawal and refund policies.

Do you have a TTY number?

No, not at this time.   We encourage you to register via our online system at

I am interested in teaching a class for FCPS ACE.  What should I do?

Please send your resume to  A staff member will review your resume and contact you if there are any opportunities to teach a class. 

My child is taking a class with ACE.  They will be arriving late to a class or need to leave early.  What must I do?

Parents or guardians who know that their child will be late for, or miss, a class need to notify FCPS ACE in advance by emailing  Parents or guardians who need to pick up their child before the end of the scheduled class need to email

I tried to use the buttons in the “Contact Us” page and nothing happened.  Why is this?

To use the buttons to generate an email, you need to have a defaulted email program set up on your device.  Please check to see that you have.  If you do have a defaulted email program set up on your device and you are still having problems, please send an email directly to or call 703-658-1201.

I want my child to be able to sign themselves in/out of a class. What do I need to do?

Students who are at least 12 years old may be permitted to sign themselves in and out of an FCPS ACE K-12 class. To do this, the registering adult must notify FCPS ACE in writing that they want their student to have this ability. Without this written documentation, students will not be allowed to sign themselves into and out of class without an adult present. Notification can be emailed to

My K-12 child is not a Fairfax County Public School student. Is there anything special that I need to do to enroll them in an ACE class?

Non-FCPS students registering for K-12 enrichment classes must submit additional documentation along with their completed registration form and payment. Please see FCPS Student Registration for required documentation and additional information on this requirement. Please note that FCPS summer learning classes are restricted to FCPS students only.

I want to enroll into a class, and I want to pay by check.  Can I still use the online shopping cart feature?

Yes. Log into our online registration system here.  Once logged in, you can add courses to your shopping cart then choose the “Print Registration” button. This creates a ready-to-print registration form with your courses already entered.  Include your payment in the form of a check or money order with the printed registration form and send it to: FCPS-ACE, Dept. A, 6815 Edsall Road, Springfield, VA 22151. 

Additionally you can print out our paper registration form, fill it out, and mail it along with your check to:

FCPS-ACE, Dept. A.
6815 Edsall Road
Springfield, VA 22151

Please note that your registration is not complete until we receive your mailed forms and payment.  Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Can I buy a class for someone else?

Yes, you may register a family member or friend by using the online registration system and selecting the option to “Add a Member” option to your account.

What forms of payment do you accept?

To take advantage of online registration, you must pay with a Visa or MasterCard. You can enroll in a class by mail with a check, credit card, or money order.

Due to COVID considerations, we are not able to accept cash at this time.

Do I receive a discount if I miss a class?

No.  Unless you formally withdraw from a class, you are required to pay for the full price for the class regardless of any missed sessions.

As a senior adult, do I get a discount?

Yes, discounts may be available for class FCPS ACE tuition, with some class restrictions. Please note these following requirements and restrictions:

  • Only Fairfax County residents 62 years of age or older may opt for a 25 percent tuition discount.
  • Fairfax County residents who are 62 years of age or older and who suffer a financial hardship may apply for a full tuition waiver.
  • The birth date/year must be provided with your registration to be eligible.
  • Discount must be claimed at time of registration.
  • Lab, material, and textbook fees are still required to be paid in full.
  • The waiver may be used for one class at a time for a total of four (4) classes per year.
  • To obtain an application for a waiver, call 703-658-1201 at least two weeks prior to the class start date or download a waiver.
  • Submit your registration together with the waiver application and appropriate payment at the same time.
  • No senior adult waivers are allowed for Adult ESOL or for other selected classes as noted.
  • Parenting Education classes have separate policies regarding discounts.

Some classes are expensive.  Are there any payment plan options for me?

For classes that cost in excess of $1,000 and that take place over a period of at least 3 months, payment plans MAY be available.  Students must comply with specific financial criteria to qualify.  For specific information about this please email

Are there scholarships available to help me pay for an apprenticeship class?

Possibly.  If you are interested in an apprenticeship class, we have a limited amount of partial scholarships available. You can complete the application or reach out to with questions.

Are there any discounts for the Co-Parenting class Two Parents, Two Homes?

discounts will be determined at time of registration and a discount code will be provided to you to use when you register online.

I have to buy a handbook for the Co-Parenting class Two Parents, Two Homes?

No, all materials are included in the cost of the class and will be sent upon confirmation of payment.

How do I register for ACE classes? 

ONLINE:  Search, register, and pay at  Please email if you encounter difficulties and someone will respond to you within one business day. 

PHONE:  Call the Registration Office at 703-658-1201 Monday-Friday from 9am-Noon, and 1pm-5pm to speak with a member of our Registration team. 

MAIL:  Please mail your completed registration form along with your payment to:

FCPS-ACE Registration
6815 Edsall Road
Springfield, VA 22151

Please note:  Due to COVID considerations, the Registration Office is not able to accept walk-in registrations nor cash payments at this time.

Who may enroll into a class?

Any adult over age 18 may attend most ACE classes.  You do not need to be a resident of Fairfax County and no additional fees are collected for out-of-county students.

Parents can enroll their children in ACE K12 classes.  These children do not need to be enrolled at an FCPS school to attend one of our K12 classes.

Driver Education classes have special enrollment requirements.  Class specifics include: 

  • Partners-for-Safe-Teen-Driving is for students from Fairfax County and other counties.
  • Behind-the-Wheel classes held during the school year are limited to FCPS students.  Behind-the-Wheel classes held during the summer are open to any eligible student.  Students need to have their learner’s permit and their classroom course completion card (pink card) to be eligible to enroll.
  • DMV Learner’s Permit Tests are limited to students who are residents of Fairfax County only.
  • Adult Learner’s Permit Testing are for adults over the age of 18.
  • Classroom instruction is open to any Fairfax County resident age 18 and under.

Summer Learning has special requirements for registration.

When is the best time to enroll into a class?

Early registration offers the best possibility of obtaining a seat in the class of your choice.  Many classes sell out quickly.  If a seat is available, your payment reserves your place in the class.

Is there anything special I need to do if I enrolled into a class late?

In some instances, we permit enrollments up to the day that a class starts.  Registrations after the start of class are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

If you registered on the day of the class, for classes meeting in-person you must bring your registration confirmation to class.  Instructors are not authorized to accept registrations in class.  Attendance is NOT allowed without prior registration.  For same-day registration of online classes, there may be a delay in receiving the link in time to attend the first session of class.  Self-paced classes have no predefined start date.  For these classes you will receive a specialized link several business days after you register.

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration before class begins?

Individuals registering online receive a registration confirmation immediately. Individuals choosing other registration methods will not receive confirmation unless specifically requested.  If you have registered and have not received a receipt in your email, please check your SPAM or Junk Folders.

The class I want has already started.  Can I still register for it? 

This is generally not permitted.  However, in some instances you may be able to register for a class after the start date. This requires special permission from the staff Specialist responsible for the class.  To request this, select the Contact Us tab and send your request in an email.  Make sure to provide complete details, including the name of the class, and your contact information.  The Specialist will receive your request and reach out to you about your request. 

Can I register for class on the first day?

Some classes require registrations earlier.  In these instances, registrations will be closed and will not enable registrations on the same day as the start of the class. 

If you are registering for a class that permits registration on the first day of a class, please use the online registration system to enroll in the class. 

To check on the availability of space and the status of the class, call our Registration Office at 703-658-1201 Monday-Friday, during the hours of 9am-Noon, and 1PM-5PM.

You may not register with the instructor on the first night or day of class.

I tried to register for a class, and it says that there is a financial restriction on my account.  What does that mean?

It means that you have an outstanding bill associated with a prior or current ACE class.  You will not be able to register for additional ACE classes and will not be able to take any test (if applicable), provided certificates of completion or course transcripts while on restricted financial status.  This restriction on testing and certificates of completion or course transcripts does NOT apply to Summer Learning or FCPS Academic School Year classes.

I registered for a class, but now need to transfer to another class.  Unfortunately, the class I need to transfer into has already started.  Can I still transfer into it? 

This is generally not permitted.  However, in some instances you may be able to register for a class after the start date. This requires special permission from the staff Specialist responsible for the class.  To request this, select the Contact Us tab and send in an email.  Make sure to provide complete details, including the name of the class, and your contact information.  The Specialist will receive your request and reach out to you about your request.  Alternatively, for Adult and Community classes you may call the ACE Switchboard at 703-658-2727 and select the option related to the associated program and you will be forwarded to that Specialist’s extension.  If they do not answer, please leave a detailed voicemail so that the Specialist can reach out to you. 

Click here to access instructions on how to use the online system.

My employer will pay my tuition for a class. What do I need to do?

Several options are available:

  • You can register right away and pay for it yourself and get reimbursed by your employer/company.
  • Your employer/company can register you online right away and pay with a credit card.
  • With advanced coordination and agreement, we will accept a registration with a Purchase Order promissory note in lieu of payment at the time of registration and will invoice your employer after the registration is processed.  To accept this promissory note, your employer must agree to our terms and conditions.  To inquire about this, send an email to 

I am an employer/agency who sent in an enrollment request along with a Purchase Order (PO)/Letter of Agreement (LOA).  Do I get any type of confirmation that the registration was processed before the class starts?

 An email registration receipt is sent to the student’s email address on file.  If you want a separate notification, please include that with your enrollment request.

I am an employer and want to send some of my staff to an ACE class and use a Purchase Order (PO) for this.  What if the employee leaves my employment?

The contractual agreement to pay is between ACE and you, the employer, and as such the employer is responsible to pay 100% of the contracted payment amount.  The employer should check their own human resources policies and procedures about requirements for continued employment and paying back training costs.

If your employee leaves your employment before the class starts, you can either exchange the employee you were intending to send to the class with another employee or you can cancel the registration without penalty.  Please send an email to identifying the class, the person enrolled currently in that class, and specifics about what you want to do (withdraw or change who is going to attend the class).  Please refer to our withdrawal and reimbursement policies for more specifics.

I work for an agency and want to send some of my clients to an ACE class and use a Letter of Agreement (LOA) for this.  What if my client does not come to class?

The contractual agreement to pay is between ACE and you, the agency, and as such the agency is responsible to pay 100% of the contracted payment amount in instances where your client is not formally withdrawn from the class.  Please refer to our withdrawal and reimbursement policies for more specifics.

I am an employer/agency.  The person I sent to take a class attended a couple of sessions and then stopped going to class.  Do I need to do anything to let you know that they will not be coming back?

Yes.  Students must be formally unenrolled in a class to avoid the financial obligation to pay.  Please see our Withdrawal/Transfer/Refund Policy for specifics.

I need a class for my office staff, can ACE help me with that?

In addition to the classes we offer, ACE can create a customized class specifically designed for your office or company.  These include classes for trades & industry, health & medical, as well as business & computer or language.  When doing so, these classes are closed to the public so only your people will attend.  Agencies and companies interested in this should email and a staff member will reach out to you to discuss your training needs.

Can a company or agency register people online themselves?

Yes, this can be done, and registrations are processed immediately. Online registrations require a credit/debit card at the time of registration. Setting up an account is easy to do, saving time and effort to ensure that you get your people directly into the classes you want. Once you set up the online account (via the Sign In/Create Account tab), and have identified the class you want, select “Add Student”, complete the online form, and then you can register your people for the class(es) of your choosing, pay by company credit card, and get instant proof of registration.

Are textbooks required?

If a textbook is listed for a class it is required to be purchased through ACE unless it is marked “optional,” in which case the textbook is required for the class, but you do not need to purchase it from ACE.  For many classes, students are expected to purchase the textbook on their own and specific ISBN numbers are provided within the description for the class. 

In some instances, such as language classes, the same text is used for several different class levels.

If I am not purchasing the textbook through ACE, where do I get them?

In many instances, ACE will provide the ISBN number for the book you need to purchase.  If purchasing the textbook on your own, our course description may provide specific directions such as a specific publisher, as well as various retailers such as Amazon.  In these instances, it will be up to you to decide where you should purchase the book. 

I am purchasing the textbooks through ACE.  How/where will I receive them?

For most online classes, textbooks are typically e-books for which you will receive a link to all the necessary class materials, including textbooks, shortly before the start of the class.  For classes meeting in-person, e-books or physical textbooks may be provided.  In the case of e-books, you will receive a link shortly before the start of the class.  For physical textbooks, the books will be distributed the first session of the class. 

Are textbooks physical books or e-books?

It depends on the specific class.  Please review the class description for details.

If purchasing it from ACE, you will either receive an email shortly before the first day of class with a link to the e-textbook, or the book will be provided during the first in-person session of the class (in the case where it is a physical book). 

Will the textbook be provided even if I registered late?

Please note that registering on the same day of the class may result in textbooks or instructional materials not being available on that first day of class.  We recommend that you try to register as soon as possible to avoid this.  However, if you do register on the first day of class, we will strive to get you your textbook and instructional supplies as soon as possible.

What do I need in order to take an online class or a class that meets at least some time online?

First, you should register in advance for the class.  For self-paced classes, a link will be emailed to the email address we have on file for you 2- 4 business days after your registration date.  For classes that are not self-paced, there will be a specific start date and time for the class.  Prior to this date, a link will be emailed to the email address we have on file for you between 1-2 business days prior to the date of the class.  Typically for classes with a blended meeting pattern (i.e. some sessions in person and some sessions online) the class will typically meet for the first session in-person.  During this initial session, the ACE instructor will go over the specifics about the link to access the online portion of the class.

Second, you need to have access to a computer with a computer camera and microphone and the internet.   

Third, the computer you use should have Windows 10 or higher, or Mac OS X v 10.9 operating system.  We recommend that the computer screen have a resolution of 1280 x 720 or higher (1920 x 1080 pixels recommended).  We also recommend that your internet browser be Chrome (latest versions), Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.  Finally, we recommend that the computer you use has a minimum of 8 GB RAM, a computer camera and microphone.  If joining a class when using a tablet, be sure to download the free Google Meet app before class.

I have enrolled in an online class.  How do I access the class?

After registration, but before the class actually starts, a link will be emailed to you using the email account we have for you on file.  If you do not receive the link, first check your SPAM.  For Adult and Community classes, if you have not received the email, call the ACE Switchboard at 703-658-2727 to be connected to the staff Specialist responsible for this class so that they can have it resent to you.  If you are sent to voicemail, please leave a detailed message with your contact information.  Alternatively, you can go to our Contact Us, select the button for the program associated with your class, and send a detailed email.  Either way, staff will follow up with you to ensure that you receive your class link.

What is the difference between “ACE Online” and “Online”?

Classes held over the internet will have one of these as the location for the class.  The distinction deals with the platform specifics related to specific classes.

What is the distinction between Instructor-Led Online and Self-Paced Online classes?

Instructor Led Online classes:  For instructor led online classes, you will receive support though a discussion area that is monitored by the instructor.  You will be able to post questions and comments into this discussion area and the instructor will respond to your postings.

Self-Paced Online classes:  With a self-paced class, you can register for the class at any time and access the class materials according to your own schedule.  You will be provided a link and you will have a specific period of time to complete the class. 

If I take a Computer class in-person, will I have a computer to use in the class?

Yes.  Please register early for computer classes as the number of students in an in-person class is limited to the number of computers in the classroom.  Computer classes held online will require the student to have access to a computer and the internet to attend the class.

Can I see what the curriculum is for a class before I enroll?

Please go to our Contact Us page, select the button associated with the type of class in which you want information, and send an email requesting specifics on the class you are interested in taking. You will receive a response within 2 business days. 

What are the qualifications of the instructors?

All ACE instructors are subject matter experts in the subject they are teaching and have worked in their field for many years.  For specific questions about a specific instructor, please go to our  Contact Us page, select the button associated with the type of class  in which you want information, , and send an email. You will receive a response within 2 business days.    

Summer Learning instructors are all FCPS teachers.

I’m interested in a certificate program.  How do the certificate programs work?

ACE has several different certificate programs.  Many certificate programs have a certification fee, and students are allotted 1-2 years to complete all classes in the program.  These certificate programs currently include:

  • The Property Maintenance Technician (PMT) Certificate Program.  This is part of the Trades & Industry classes. 
  • Veterinary Assistant and Medical Assistant Certificate Programs.  These two programs include a series of classes.  Additional certificate programs with one comprehensive class are also available. Email for program details. 
  • Business Education and IT Certificate Programs have no previous academic requirements, flexible class times and small class sizes.  Current programs include:
    • Business Programs
      • Nonprofit Organization Development
      • Small Business Management
      • Child Care Provider
      • Office Assistant
      • Accounting Assistant
      • Bookkeeping Assistant
      • Administrative Assistant
      • Human Resources Management
    • Information Technology
      • Computer Support Technician
      • Web Designer/Developer

I am in a certificate program, and I don’t see a required class being offered.  When will it be offered?

Not all classes are offered each season, however efforts are made to ensure that required classes are offered at least once each year.  If you do not see a class offered that is required for your certificate program, please go to the “Contact Us” page and send an email to the program in which your certificate program belongs.  Alternatively, you can call 703-658-2727 and select the option to be transferred to a staff member who is responsible for that type of programming.  If no one picks up your call, please leave a detailed message with contact information and someone will return your call soon.

How are grades shared with students?

Quarterly grade reports and classroom hours attended will be sent to the address and/or email address on file within 2 weeks of the last day of class. Instructors will provide interim reports upon request.

Are there minimum English proficiency requirements to take a class?

Many of our ACE career and enrichment classes require a specific level of English proficiency.  Requirements may differ by individual program.  To speak with someone about the specific language requirements for the ACE class you want to take, such as Apprenticeship, Trades/Industry, Health/Medical, Business/Computer, Driver Education, or K12 Enrichment programming and Test Prep, please call the ACE Switchboard at 703-658-2727 and select the option to be transferred to the program in which you are interested.  

What level ESOL classes do you offer?

Adult ESOL offers classes at a range of beginning to advanced proficiency levels and new students are required to complete an intake process to determine the appropriate starting level class.  To speak with someone about these different proficiency levels please call the Adult ESOL office at 703-658-2777, or go to the “Contact Us” page and send an email to the Adult ESOL program. 

I have a specific question about a Business & Computer Class.  Who can answer my question?

Please go to the “Contact Us” page and send an email to the Business & Computer program.  Alternatively, you can call 703-658-2727 and select the Business & Computer program option to be transferred to a staff member who is responsible for this programming.  If no one picks up your call, please leave a detailed message with contact information and someone will return your call soon.

I have a specific question about a Health & Medical Class.  Who can answer my question?

Please go to the “Contact Us” page and send an email to the Health & Medical program.  Alternatively, you can call 703-658-2727 and select the Health & Medical program option to be transferred to a staff member who is responsible for this programming.  If no one picks up your call, please leave a detailed message with contact information and someone will return your call soon.

Which CPR class is right for me?

BLS (HM01697) is recommended for Healthcare providers, i.e. nurses, doctors, pharmacists, phlebotomists, dental assistants, etc. 

Heartsaver CPR AED with or without First Aid (HM01625 or HM01695) is recommended for medical administrative/clerical employees, community members including personal trainers, Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders, babysitters, etc. 

Private classes are available.  Please email for details.

How do I know in which level language class to enroll?

Your experience with a language determines the best class for you.

Adult ESOL classes require a formal placement assessment prior to being enrolled in an Adult ESOL class.  Please contact the Adult ESOL office at for information on placement assessment.

Where can I find out more about the Adult ESOL program with ACE?

We have detailed descriptions of our Adult ESOL program and offerings here.  Alternatively, go to the “Contact Us” page and send an email to the Adult ESOL program. 

How do I know which level of a class to take?

The course description gives the prerequisites for each level of multi-level courses.  If you are not sure if your background matches the prerequisites, contact the staff Specialist responsible for that program via the Contact Us page.

Alternatively, if you want an Adult and Community class you may call the ACE Switchboard at 703-658-2727 to be connected to the staff Specialist responsible for the type of class you have a question about.  If you are sent to voicemail, please leave a detailed message with your contact information. 

Is there anything special my child needs to bring to the Behind-the-Wheel Class?

Yes.  Please bring the following to the first behind-the-wheel class:

  1. Valid Virginia Learner’s permit
  2. Classroom completion card or receipt showing current enrollment
  3. Online confirmation receipt or the walk-in registration form, signed by a parent/guardian

I have the Apprenticeship Catalog, but it does not have dates, costs, locations, nor other specifics.  Why is this?

The printed Apprenticeship Catalog is an evergreen document and outlines the general program and lists the Apprenticeship courses.  In any given year or season the specific classes offered will vary.  Please review the ACE Homepage for current class offerings.

I am in the Apprenticeship program with ACE.  How many apprenticeship class sessions do I need to attend?

Students must attend courses to be in compliance with VA DOLI related technical instruction regulations.  Learn more here:

Are there any non-registered apprentices?

Yes.  An individual who completes a full program receives a Fairfax County Public Schools final transcript that is suitable to use in applying for licensure.  Completion certificates are available for a fee from ACE.  Records are kept for several years and can be applied toward apprenticeship completion.  Should you become a registered apprentice in the future, any classes taken within five years can be applied to your official apprenticeship.

How do I schedule a journeyman's or master's exam?

ACE is not involved in the scheduling of exams. PSI proctors tradesman exams for the Commonwealth of Virginia. For a tradesman (electrical, plumbing, pipefitting, and HVAC-R) or contractor’s licensing application, you need to apply for approval to sit for the exam through the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) then schedule testing through PSI at 800-733-9267 or online at  Please ensure you are eligible to sit for your exam prior to scheduling.

To be eligible to sit for the journeyman exam (electricians, plumbers, and HVAC-R mechanics), one of the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Four years of practical experience and 240 hours of formal vocational training.
  • Five years of practical experience and 160 hours of formal vocational training.
  • Six years of practical experience and 80 hours of formal vocational training.
  • Six and 1/2 years of practical experience in the trade and 40 hours of formal vocational training in that trade.
  • An Associate degree received from an accredited college or university in an engineering curriculum related to the trade and two years of practical experience.
  • A bachelor’s degree received from an accredited college or university in an engineering curriculum related to the trade and one year of practical experience.

Note: Practical experience and formal vocational training needs to be in the trade for which journeyman status is sought.  Any questions about testing should be directed to DPOR at 804-367-8500 or

Can I skip the journeyman's examination and just get a Master's Certification?

Applicants for this level of certification must furnish documents that fulfill one of the following:

  • One year of experience as a certified journeyman
  • Ten years of practical experience in the trade, verified by an affidavit from those who have observed the applicant’s work in the trade.
  • Practical experience and technical training must be documented by certificates, transcripts, and/or references on appropriate letterhead.

Please explain what it takes to set up a registered apprentice. 

A Registered Apprentice entails completing a full program of related instruction and documented on-the-job training and receiving a nationally recognized State Apprenticeship Certificate.  In order to get this certificate, the student’s employer needs to register the apprentice with the state.  ACE does not require students to be registered with the state, and also has no part in issuing Apprenticeship Action Forms.  For more information on Apprenticeship Action Forms, please email   Please contact DPOR with any questions related to Registered Apprenticeship or Action Forms.

Can I make up an Apprenticeship class session that I missed?

Students should strive to attend all scheduled classes.  Unavoidable absences should be made up as soon as possible, even though the maximum absences allowed has not been exceeded.  To make up for hours and classwork missed, the apprentice must make arrangements with the instructor to receive alternative assignments, either through NCCERConnect, special projects, or special homework. This option should be used on a limited basis and only with excused absences. Make-up work must be completed before the class ends.

Do I need to be a registered Apprenticeship student to enroll in Apprenticeship classes?

No. “Virginia Registered Apprentice” means the apprentice must be working for a Virginia employer in an apprentice-able occupation and is registered with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry. The “Apprentice Action Form” is evidence of state registration. ACE does not issue Apprenticeship Action Forms; these must come from DOLI. Those who are not Virginia-registered apprentices are also welcomed to join electricity, plumbing, surveying, or HVAC-R classes, but they will not receive a state certificate.

Where can I find directions to my class?

Please visit for FCPS school locations.

How will I know what room to go to when I get to the FCPS location?

When you come to the class location, look for signage posted in the hallways that will direct you to the correct classroom.

For Behind-the-Wheel classes, review your receipt with directions on where to meet outside the FCPS building.

What if there’s an issue at work that forces me to miss a session of a class?

For those classes that require a minimum amount of attendance, this would be considered as an excused absence.  However, these are only granted when documented by a letter from the employer on company letterhead.  Only excused absences are eligible to be made up.  The request to make up missed hours and/or class work must be presented to the instructor within two weeks of the absence. Students with excused absences that are not made up will not get hours credited.

Why would a class be cancelled?

A class may be cancelled for several reasons.  First, if there is a weather event or facility emergency that impacts the ability to meet in person, the class may be cancelled.  Second, if the instructor is not available for any reason (example: the instructor is ill or has a personal emergency) the class may be cancelled.  Third, in the event that there are not enough students enrolled in the class, the class will either be cancelled or postponed. 

If a class is cancelled, it will be rescheduled if there are multiple meeting dates for the class.  If the class for which you registered  is scheduled to meet only one time, then the class is cancelled and a refund will automatically be issued in the same manner in which the payment was received (i.e. if paid by credit card, the refund will be processed to the credit card, if paid by check, a check will be cut).  This will take approximately 3 weeks to process.

What if the school is closed (due to adverse weather conditions, facility emergency, etc.)?

Online classes are not impacted due to adverse weather or facility emergencies.

If in-person classes are impacted, a notice is posted on the FCPS website about closures (look for references to Adult and Community Classes in that notice).  Additionally, if you sign up for News You Choose, FCPS will email you automatically about any facility closing notices.

The Adult ESOL Program has a weather line specific for its English language learners.  Adult ESOL students can call 703-658-1274 for specific adult ESOL weather-related class information.

ACE follows FCPS procedure for in-person classes with a few exceptions.  When schools are delayed two hours, ACE adult classes will begin on time, but any K12 classes are cancelled.  Online classes have different cancellation procedures.  See ACE Cancellation and Withdrawal policy for specifics.  Please note that Summer Learning has its own Cancellation and Withdrawal policy.

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